August 27, 2019

Cook This: Coconut Curry Chicken


If you’re a fan of Thai flavors, my super easy chicken coconut curry recipe is for you. I love serving it with white rice for my kids and cauli rice for moi. You can always swap out the chicken with fish, tofu or veggies.


2 packs of Chicken tenders

1 can of Coconut Cream (NOT milk — it is too watery)

Lots of yellow curry powder

1 sweet red pepper sliced

1 sweet onion sliced


Soak the chicken tenders in 1 can of coconut cream with copious yellow curry powder overnight. In a pan, sauté the sliced red pepper and sliced sweet onion in olive oil (coat the bottom of the pan with a thin layer) until crisp. Add the marinated chicken (with coconut cream and curry). Cook until chicken is cooked through. Season with salt. Enjoy! 

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