May 18, 2023

Comment on 26 Facts about Survivor Contestant Dan Lembo by Dan Chino


Reality TV happens to be my guilty pleasure. From The Real World to Dance Moms to those brawny boys on the Jersey Shore, I eat ‘em all up with gusto. So when my friend Dan Lembo made it on CBS’ Survivor  Nicaragua, I was both slightly jealous (of the notion he was going on the show and his never-fading tan) and ridiculously excited for him. We recently reconnected in Bimini where I picked Dan’s brain every day for fun facts for you crazy kids. 

                                        26 facts about Survivor Dan!

  • I can cook a mean authentic meatball — it’s my mom’s recipe
  • I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York
  • I never tried out for Survivor, the producers approached me at a bar in Miami.
  • I’ve been married twice — my first wife was a mafia princess. That didn’t work out so well…
  • I had never even heard about the show, Survivor, until I was asked to be on it!
  • I’m a car fanatic and own the vintage Lincoln as seen on Entourage and Tupac’s sparkly purple Hummer
  • My two sons, Mike and Matt, are my world
  • I live between South Hampton and New York City
  • My favorite restaurant in Miami is Prime 112
  • I’m currently dipping my toes in the Vegan lifestyle
  • My drink of choice is a martini  — no fruit, no vermouth
  • While I do have a penchant for custom-made clothes, I like to buy beachwear at Wings
  • I have an 8-inch scar running down my leg from knee surgery
  • I used to own a dental lab where we used to make celebrity veneers
  • I never put cheese on pasta dishes with seafood
  • I’m allergic to shellfish — which happens to be my favorite food
  • I love to workout and my fave after-workout drink is peanut butter, protein and bananas
  • I’m addicted to sun and keep my tan fresh!
  • After my stint on Survivor, I smelled like a campfire for 9 whole days
  • I lost 37 pounds on Survivor…and gained 30 back.
  • Cowboy boots are my go-to shoes
  • I’m a country music buff and attended the CMAs every single year.
  • My favorite musicians are Toby Keith and The Rat Pack
  • My mug is painted on the wall of The Palms restaurant in New York
  • I wear a diamond horseshoe ring every day


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