February 18, 2020 An Instagram Hack You Need To Know

Instagram can be a moody mother trucker when it comes to creating clean spaces in your captions (like the one above). If you type directly into the Instagram app, spaces are weirdly erased and your caption will channel a hot mess circa Britney Spears in ’07. Not pretty. But here’s an Instagram hack you need…

October 13, 2019 My Medical Cannabis Journey

That’s me in the picture splayed before your eyes. Now, you’re probably wondering why a 42-year-old soccer mother of two would be modeling amongst a cadre of cannabis crops with the chutzpah of Kaia Gerber so allow me to explain before you start calling me, “bad mom” and other unpleasantries oftentimes synonymous with pot consumption.…

October 10, 2019 My Favorite Ritual

I recently attended a lovely tea ceremony at my friend Tara Benmeleh’s house which got me thinking: What rituals make me most happy at home? No, not online shopping. And nope, it doesn’t involve shoving Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups down my throat or watching pimple popping/ASMR videos on YouTube like a total weirdo.  For me…

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